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  Learn How To Manifest EFT Tapping Script

This powerful exercise will help you change your reality and make manifestation SO much more powerful.

By naming the negative and accepting it with you love you literally release it from your nervous system and dissolve neural pathways in your brain. This means you will think differently, feel differently and therefore be a greater match to what you really want.

Be present and turn off all distractions

Remember to change the words to suit your experience

Be loud if you can, exaggerate your words and breathe a lot

Keep stretching your jaw really wide open to tap like Kai does. This releases a lot of tension and will give you an energetic shift

Yawn, burp, cough or cry... Whatever comes up - let it out!

Become An EFT Expert Tapping Script For Manifestation by Kai-Ashley Vibrant Success Club.pdf

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