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Manifest Your Desires & Release Your Blocks - Tapping Scripts

Release Negative Thinking, Raise Your Vibration & Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!

Release Negative Thinking, Raise Your

Vibration & Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!

Use these PDF worksheets to learn how to do your own manifestation taps at home. Included are manifestation tapping scripts to get you started. Use this opportunity to change your thinking. This is a scientifically proven method.

It rewires your thinking, changes your neural pathways - so your responses and emotions are different. This means you become calmer, clearer, less stressed, more capable and a lot more lucky too! :-)

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Kai Ashley
Kai Ashley

Kai Ashley is one of The World’s leading experts in healing and transformation. She helps ambitious, heart centered entrepreneurs to blast through all blocks to raise their income and create immense success in their lives.

Kai has an intuitive talent for getting to the heart of every issue and is an expert of discovering and overcoming blocks. An empath, advanced EFT Practitioner, Success Coach, Reiki Master and gifted with intuitive abilities, Kai has an innate talent for healing, manifestation, creating success and bringing out the incredible in her clients.

Kai is known to get amazing results often where nothing else has worked. She uses a mix of laser coaching, deep healing, mindset and inspired action taking to that gets results.

A World traveler and online leader who runs online programs, as well as in person workshops and retreats in beautiful locations around The World, she is a speaker, luminary and leader who believes that every person has an incredible power within.

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