"Kai-Ashley is my newest go to to tapping superstar! I'm obsessed - please please please check her out!"

~ Macha Einbender, New York USA

The EFT Tapping sessions are so powerful I’m seeing difference in my life within 12 – 48 hours. The shift is super fast.... I think it was the most powerful thing I have ever experienced in my life by letting go of something that's big. I highly, highly recommend it for EVERYBODY

~ Karen Martushev, California USA


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The Gateway To The Vibrant Success Club

Welcome to The Vibrant Success Club!

You are joining an online community of conscious dreamers and shakers ready to face their fears and bust through their money blocks! My name is Kai-Ashley, a healer and EFT money mindset coach.

If you show up and do the work
it is impossible to finish as the same person.

You will use a lot of energy work combined with an advanced form or talk therapy (as well as meditations, visualization and awesome Goal Getting) that is incredibly powerful. Especially once down repeatedly over time - IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. In the ways you have been hoping for, looking for and wishing for. It really is such a great gift.

My vision is to help thousands of people like yourself to overcome the self-doubt-self-hate epedemic and love themselves fully. My vision is to help you and thousands of people see their true worth, their great value, unlock their potential and take action on their dreams! So thank you for being part of that.

This work can be intense. It isn't a 5 minute process for whenever you feel like it. It is deep life changing, soul shaking, body quaking work that will leave you feeling like a new person!!!!! But only if you are willing to 'go there'. And only if you are willing to come back consistently and follow along..

Yes. 1 session or a little bit will help - but the same old problems will creep back. Aren't you sick of that? Wouldn't it be better to invest your time in healing whats not working and creating what does? WELL IT SO SIMPLE - IT REALLY WORKS & IS LASTING! So hang in there, Do this good work, or go on this journey - however you see it.

This is for you if you are so ready to make change and are sick of hiding, feeling small, lost, confused or even mediocre. This will help you manifest your dreams, release sadness, fear, guilt and old repressed feelings. You will learn how to be the creator rather than the victim... And you will create a vibrant life of success! So what do you say? Do you want to come on this journey and do this work because we are all going places - and we would love you to come.


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What's next?

Do the programs in The Club that appeal to you
Schedule them in your calendar

Come back consistently and do the work
Note the amazing changes big and small
Show up for yourself. Finding this process is like winning the lottery - it's an amazing opportunity!

" I have never ever been able to say that I fully love who I am. But now I can say that with absolute conviction. I have full love for me. I am absolutely buzzing right now, after the most amazing transformational session ever.

This is something people have to do. You’ve gotta let go of these areas that are stopping you from experiencing the fullness of life, and of yourself. The ability Kai just had to hold my space was phenomenal. I have never felt so safe and supported and understand and gotten. This is something people have to do. You have to do this, give yourself a life back. Give yourself love. What just happened to me was transformational.

I have been guided to a place I never thought I’d go to. And I’ve been able to transform something that was an absolute block for me – I couldn’t even go there into something that not only did I go there, but I turned it into Love. I fully feel love for the despair that I had. I’m not joking. This is real and this is there.

The love that just came through my body not only for my emotions and for myself for the first time ever I can honeslty say I have full love for myself and I feel SO READY to burst forward into life, I can not tell you. People need to do this, this is something that needs to happen. I’ve done all sorts of therapies. This was the most transforming thing I’ve ever done. Ever. See Kai-Ashley. She is amazing!"

~ Katy Alexander, Sydney Australia

"Growing up I was told that you can’t make money from your hobbies so I wasn’t sure if I could do my art therapy successfully. But after these sessions the doubt is now a zero for me [completely gone] and I know I can do it. It’s almost hard to remember what it was like to even think like that before.

If you had told me when i first read about EFT in Kai-Ashley’s book that after 1 session I would be walking on air for 5 days I wouldn’t have believed it. But it is that simple. That was just so awesome to me, cos I am a bit skeptical about all these different techniques out there, but to find one that works so deeply and on so many levels is actually quite special. I had so much more energy and after only 3 weeks my entire outlook has become much more positive."

~ Jenny C, UK

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Courses Included with Purchase

17 Days Of Deep Healing
Kai Ashley
Empower Your Purpose
Discover And Empower Your Life Purpose - FEEL Energized & Renewed!
Kai Ashley
Manifest Your Desires & Release Your Blocks - Tapping Scripts
Release Negative Thinking, Raise Your Vibration & Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!
1 Course Bundle
Simple Strategies To Manifest Success
Use These Powerful Techniques To Remove Your Blocks, Raise Your Vibration & Manifest Success
Kai Ashley
Release Your Money Blocks With Forgiveness! PDF
Forgiveness is the most powerful tool to release money blocks and open yourself up to receiving
Kai Ashley
Transmuting Emotions: Turning Darkness Into Light
Kai Ashley
Heal Your Past
Inner Child Work To Feel Free, Be Empowered & Get Your Life Force Back!
Kai Ashley
Be Your Own Best Friend: Overcome Negative Thinking & Create A Positive Mindset
Kai Ashley
Live Around The World - Interviews & Live Trainings With Kai Ashley
Kai Ashley
Quantum Leap Your Success: Expand Your Limits & Accelerate Your Results!
Kai Ashley
Double Your Income: Become A Sales Superstar & Attract More Clients
Release Fear of Rejection & Guilt Around Receiving Money So You Attract More Clients & Make The Sale
Kai Ashley
Release Anxiety & Feel Confident In Social Situations
Tapping will dissolve your social anxiety so you can feel confident, make a great impression, make friends and stop feeling anxious or embarrassed each day
1 Course Bundle
Shine Your Light On Camera
Overcome Your Awkward Fear Of Being Seen & Become A Video Enchantress
Kai Ashley
Facebook Video-Star - Leadership, Sales & Charisma
Kai Ashley
Get Out Of Debt & Be Free: Overcome The Stress & Overwhelm That Keeps You Stuck
Imagine thinking about money without getting stressed out... Wouldn't it be nice to feel light, easy and confident instead? YES? This program is for YOU!
Kai Ashley
EFT Money Circle Replays - POWERFUL!
Create, attract and make more money with this powerful healing process
Kai Ashley
Reverse Aging Mini-Series
Kai Ashley
You Create Your Destiny 3 Day Money Mini-Series
Kai Ashley
Overcome Procrastination: Transform Your Resistance Into Inspired Action
Transform Your Resistance, Take Inspired Action & Stop procrastination!
1 Course Bundle
Get Your Goals & Change Your Life
Get Clear On What You Want, Discover Blocks In Your Way & Reprogram Your Thinking With EFT Tapping!
1 Course Bundle
Become An EFT Tapping Expert!
Overcome Your Problems & Create Great Opportunities
Kai Ashley
Stop Feeling Confused & Get Clear On Your Purpose
Meditation program using contemplation to bypass your inner critic and get to your inner truth
1 Course Bundle
Manifestation 101: Overcome The Negative Thinking That Robs You Of Your Dreams
Change your Thoughts & You Change Your ENTIRE WORLD!
Kai Ashley
Grow Your Money Tree
Tap Into Your Abundant Nature & Boost Your Income Flow
Kai Ashley
Get What You Want: Kai's Early Days. More uploaded soon.
Kai Ashley
COMING SOON: The Art Of Effective Friendships & Profitable Connections
Kai Ashley
COMING SOON: Vibrant Health, Vibrant Life!
Kai Ashley
COMING LATER: Unleash Your Creativity
Kai Ashley

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Kai Ashley
Kai Ashley

Kai-Ashley is the founder of The Vibrant Success Club! She is a transformational healer and EFT success coach who helps leaders, high achievers and gifted healers to unlock their potential, release their money blocks and take action on their dreams!

She uses a powerful foundation of self-love and EFT energy work combined with goal getting and success strategies that make the seemingly impossible become the possible!

She has been called the unlocker of the human soul because of her profound ability to help her clients release deeply stuck issues and make immense change in their lives.

Kai-Ashley has been a World traveler since 2008, helping ambitious people love themselves and get unstuck over 3 different continents. She is an inspiring thought leader, visionary and life coach who has run self-empowerment workshops in Bali, Thailand, Spain and now in England.

Her mission is to help millions of people overcome their fear and doubt to realize how powerful they are so we free ourselves and radically change society one person at a time.

Kai offers 1 on 1 coaching and group programs for people truly ready to make more money while loving themselves more so they can succeed at their dreams