Heal Your Past

Inner Child Work To Feel Free, Be Empowered & Get Your Life Force Back!

Heal Your Past

Inner Child Work To Feel Free,
Be Empowered & Get Your Life Force Back!

If you feel like life is happening TO you and have no control over it, then you have been made to feel a victim since you were a child.

This means you keep playing out the victim over and over again, always feeling out of control

This 'poor me' feeling is something I used to experience all of the time! I was totally in victim!

The more empowered you are, the greater abundance you will have in your life

Opportunities will flow in, people will be magnetically attracted to you.

But the out of control, victim energy pushes them away.

Until you heal your past you will continue to relive the pain and all of the conditioning you received.

You were not responsible for the programming you got as a child - but it is now your responsibility to change it

Your Instructor

Kai Ashley
Kai Ashley

Kai-Ashley is the founder of The Vibrant Success Club! She is a transformational healer and EFT success coach who helps leaders, high achievers and gifted healers to unlock their potential, release their money blocks and take action on their dreams!

She uses a powerful foundation of self-love and EFT energy work combined with goal getting and success strategies that make the seemingly impossible become the possible!

She has been called the unlocker of the human soul because of her profound ability to help her clients release deeply stuck issues and make immense change in their lives.

Kai-Ashley has been a World traveler since 2008, helping ambitious people love themselves and get unstuck over 3 different continents. She is an inspiring thought leader, visionary and life coach who has run self-empowerment workshops in Bali, Thailand, Spain and now in England.

Her mission is to help millions of people overcome their fear and doubt to realize how powerful they are so we free ourselves and radically change society one person at a time.

Kai offers 1 on 1 coaching and group programs for people truly ready to make more money while loving themselves more so they can succeed at their dreams