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  EFT To Create More Time

We are all creators of our own reality. We all choose our own responsibilities

And even if it seems impossible to change it - its not.

I don't know your circumstances, but I don't need to.

Because I know how the mind works.

You give it an instruction and follow through and you WILL find a way

And if you don't it's because you haven't thought creatively

and have accepted your limitations - or even argued for them!

Any time you feel that life is getting out of control - YOU BECOME THE VICTIM

Don't be the victim. Be the creator of your life and all your time.

It may not be a switch overnight - but you have the ability to make great changes


The thinking that says, well if I stop this - then it will be that other thing I don't want

That is the definition of limited thinking.

There are a million different options from a million different eyes

So tap into that! Look at it from a different angle, and you will find a different answer.

*Do this tap any time you feel out of time.

EFT To Create More Time